Acoustic Signature Primus LP Turntable/Ortofon Cartridge
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Brand New Sealed

Made in Germany

Acoustic Signature Primus LP Turntable

Comes "ready to play" with Ortofon/Acoustic Signature Cartridge

"What a bargain, wonderful sound, excellent German build quality, 10 year warranty!"--Gene Rubin

The included Ortofon 2M Red sounds excellent but this turntable and arm combo is so good that you may want to upgrade to the Ortofn 2M Blue for an additional $150.


a lifetime of musical enjoyment

PRIMUS was designed and engineered to achieve outstanding performance far beyond the expectations of an affordably priced turntable. Excellent build quality, reliability and a lifetime of musical Enjoyment. No unnecessary gimmicks, Acoustic Signature concentrated the manufacturing costs on the high quality parts necessary for accurate LP Reproduktion.

The Design

The new PRIMUS is a consequent transformation of the retro design. Get ready to experience the PRIMUS - now perfectly suited to your own unique style. Perfect surface quality combined with the latest technology.

The Drive System

At the new PRIMUS we combine a MDF and Chipwood sandwich and a high gloss surface to reduce vibration. This sandwich construction is a perfect fi t for the Tidorfolon bearing holding the platter. A new DC a lifetime of musical enjoyment PRIMUS motor combined with State of the Art regulating electronic Electronic provide perfect speed stability and easy operation.

The Platter

The PRIMUS comes with a precisely manufactured Aluminum platter. He is produced out of a solid piece of soft Aluminum. To improve his resonance behavior the platter is additionally coated on the back side with a high damping material to get great results. The thickness of 24mm gives him a weight of 4.5 kilogram. Much more than normally used in this price point.

The Motor

We at Acoustic Signature believe that a motor system for a turntable should have enough energy to speed up the platter and keep him steady spinning but not influence him during rotation. We reach that aim by using a new developed DC motor drive combined with our own State of the Art motor control and a external power supply.

The Bearing

The platter bearing is the heart of every turntable and Acoustic Signature have invented a bearing with the ideal performance characteristics of exact fit, extremely low noise, very low friction and long term stability covered with 10 years warranty.

  • Manufacturer: Acoustic Signature

Acoustic Signature Primus LP Turntable/Ortofon Cartridge

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