Audience Power Distribution Center PDC
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Made in the USA

Naim USA and Audience, LLC are pleased to announce the availability of a new power-distribution product designed to provide Naim systems in the U.S. with superlative AC mains power quality.

The adeptResponse aR6 Power Distribution Center (PDC) is an optimized product, configured in conjunction with NaimUSA after extensive listening tests, based on Audience's aR6 Power Conditioner minus any circuit breakers, passive filtering, or surge suppression.

The adeptResponse aR6 PDC is designed to provide the lowest possible impedance power path, utilizing hand-wired 10-gauge power wire on a welded buss-bar design. All components have been cryogenically treated, and are mounted in a non-resonant chassis with four small rubber isolation feet.


Power entry to the rear panel is provided on a Neutrik PowerCon receptacle. We offer a pre-terminated version of our TIBIA AC mains cable (TIBIA-PowerCon, $80) for use with the PDC.


The adeptResponse aR6 PDC is priced at $1,500 USD and comes with a ten-year warranty in the U.S. It is available in both black and silver brushed anodized finishes.

This product comes without AC power chord.  Your recommended options are the Naim Tibia/Powercon at $80 or the Audience powerChord ($710 value) at $500.



The new Adept Response PDC (power distribution center) was developed by Audience in conjunction with Chris Koster, of Naim USA. Chris and Audience worked together to develop the highest resolution possible in a power distribution center that would be compatible with Naim components.

The aR6 PDC has no filtration components.  At the same time the aR6 PDC is an excellent power distribution center, without any power conditioning, for most other brands as well.
Like other Audience Adept Response power conditioning products, the new aR6 PDC is an all out attempt at making the very best in a high resolution power distribution center.

The Adept Response PDC is designed to present the lowest possible impedance power path. The Adept Response PDC features many benefits that are unique to the category, including:

  • hand-wired 10 gauge equivalent power wire with no printed circuit boards
  • ultra high connectivity welded buss bar harness design
  • complete circuit cryogenically treated
  • non-resonant physical construction

The new Adept Response PDC  is a truly unique and special system solution for high-resolution performance for both home theater and two-channel applications. As a result, end-users experience state-of-the-art audio/video high-resolution performance from their home entertainment systems.

Dimensions: 10.5”W x 4.75”H x 8.25” D

Made in the USA



  • Manufacturer: Audience

Audience Power Distribution Center PDC

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