Audio Desk Systeme PRO LP Record Cleaning Machine
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Audio Desk Systeme Cleaning Machine

"Wow, this machine is really quiet, fully automated and cleans oh so well!"--Gene Rubin

Audio Desk Systeme Announces New Ultrasonic LP Cleaning System:
Vinyl Cleaner PRO

With its worldwide debut at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”) in January 2016, Audio Desk Systeme of Germany and their USA agent, Ultra Systems Inc. are pleased to announce their next generation, upgraded version of the award-winning ultrasonic LP cleaning system, the new Vinyl Cleaner PRO.

“Incorporating five years of evolutionary enhancements in addition to important upgrades to internal component parts, the Vinyl Cleaner PRO offers better features and performance, and also promises better reliability” said Robert Stein, President of Ultra Systems.

Features of the new Vinyl Cleaner PRO include better, quieter drying, a new premium motor, an upgraded pump with ceramic bearings, and improvements to the electronic control system including a dry-only option.

Although 20% more expensive to build due to the higher cost of the premium components, and as a result offered at a 20% higher price in Europe, the USA price for the new German-manufactured Vinyl Cleaner PRO can actually be reduced due to the strength of the US Dollar.

The Vinyl Cleaner PRO will also be offered in custom finish combinations of white, black and red, in addition to the standard gray finish. There is an upcharge for custom finishes.

 The Audio Desk is so widely reviewed to such high praise just take a look here:

Audio Desk Systeme's Vinyl Cleaner is the first and only LP cleaning machine that incorporates an ultrasonic cleaning cycle in addition to a more conventional mechanical cleaning via bi-directional rotating microfiber cleaning drums, and the result is the cleanest LP's ever. See more information on ultrasonic cleaning below.

And it is fully automatic - just put the LP in the slot, push the button, and come back in 5 minutes for a thoroughly cleaned and dried LP (both sides). Whole new layers of inner detail and air are revealed in the recordings, and of course most surface noise is eliminated.

Comes with 2 vials of a proprietary cleaning fluid developed specifically for this machine. A container of the fluid concentrate plus 4 liters of distilled water (just over a gallon) cleans 200 new LP's, or 100 used LP's.

Technical: How can sound clean?

Ultrasonic is sound generated above the human audible level.

A physical effect called "cavitation" results from the generation of ultrasonic frequencies in a liquid. In this cavitation process ultrasonic "compression waves" are created by an ultrasonic transducer. When the amplitude of this soundwave increases to a level where the surface tension of the liquid is broken, the fluid will "tear" apart leaving behind millions of microscopic vacuum bubbles. These vacuum bubbles then rapidly compress or implode creating millions of tiny liquid jets small enough to clean inside the smallest grooves of an LP. This process, also called "microagitation," displaces any contaminants on the surface of the LP.


  • Manufacturer: Audio Desk

Audio Desk Systeme PRO LP Record Cleaning Machine

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