Cablepro Integrity AC Power Strip
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Cablepro Integrity AC Power Strip

A clear upgrade over the Naim Wiremold

If you can count on nothing else, you can be sure you'll need more AC outlets.
With the advent of multi-channel, multi-component systems it's easy to run out of places to plug in.
With the Integrity power strip you'll gain eight outlets and vastly improved sound quality.

The first thing on your short list of "must haves", when settiing up any kind of audio or video system should be a high quality power strip like the Integrity III. You want all of your components to get clean, quiet AC power. It all begins with AC power, that's fuel for your gear. Feed it right and you'll find that getting the basics in place makes a night and day difference in performance.

The Integrity eight outlet power strip has 4 Hospital-Grade duplex outlets mounted to a custom aluminum-alloy chassis. The outlets are parallel wired, meaning each outlet has its own hot and neutral wire hard-wired into the AC jack. It is star-grounded to eliminate ground loop noise, and comes with a shielded, 15 amp power cord.

The Integrity power strip is all about low noise. You will be amazed when you plug all your components in and begin listening. Additional refinement, bass control, and the noticeably effortless way that your system delivers the sound are all hallmarks of the Integrity III power strip. Do yourself a favor, start at the beginning, and do it right.


  • Manufacturer: Cablepro

Cablepro Integrity AC Power Strip

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