Cablepro Reality Interconnect Cable
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Made in the USA!

Cablepro Reality RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

Priced as a pair. 3 foot length.

CablePro Reality Long Grain, Oxygen Free Copper RCA Cables are quiet, resolute, and have excellent dynamic capabilities. It should come as no surprise that great sound quality, well thought out design, and a superior build go hand in hand. We want your cables to supply you with a lifetime of enjoyable listening and they are built to do just that. REALITY RCA cables are incredibly flexible, lightweight, and constructed to maintain top-notch performance for many, many years.

REALITY uses the highest purity, cryogenically treated, Long Grain Oxygen Free Copper, with a perfectly matched dielectric, and high performance termination. That's all good, but what makes REALITY really special is way it allows the musical flow to become abundantly clear. REALITY has a real relationship with music, it swings! Your toes will be tapping, and nothing is more important than having fun while listening! REALITY cables will allow you to experience the same kind of excitement you would have felt at the original performance. Now that's a tasty bit of fun we can all embrace wholeheartedly!

REALITY cables are so natural sounding they can be used throughout your system. This "transparency" makes it advantageous to use Reality power cords, speaker cables, and audio interconnect cables in a single system. Each addition only adds to the enjoyment.  REALITY is an excellent pathway to natural musical enjoyment and an easy recommendation for any system.

If you are tired of trying to find the right combination of cabling to make listening fun again, REALITY cables may be just what you need. Musical, flexible, and durable, no other cable offers so much to love at such a reasonable price.

 Contact me for other lengths: Priced as a pair: 4ft= $170. 5ft= $180, 6ft= $190.  Any length can be made.
  • Manufacturer: Cablepro

Cablepro Reality Interconnect Cable

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