Cablepro Revelation AC Power Strip
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 Made in USA

Cablepro Revelation AC Power Strip

A clear upgrade over the Naim Wiremold

There are some building blocks no system should be without. The Revelation power strip belongs on your short list. There simply is no other single device, you can install so easily, that unlocks so much performance from every piece of gear in your system.
The Revelation power strip takes AC power delivery to another level. No filters, no surge suppressors, no circuit breakers, no fuse, nothing compromises the AC signal. Plug into a Revelation power strip to enhance the performance of any audio or video device.

The Revelation gives you 8 outlets of clean, evenly distributed power. High conductivity receptacles, hard-wired with 12 gauge silver-plated OFC combine with a low-loss Teflon dielectric to produce a pure path for AC signals. The custom aluminum-alloy chassis is powder coated with a non-conductive, dark Bronze finish. Mechanically and electrically inert, the Revelation power strip makes it possible to forget about the gear and enjoy the experience!


  • Manufacturer: Cablepro

Cablepro Revelation AC Power Strip

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