CanEver Audio ZeroUno DAC
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The ZeroUno DAC by CanEVER Audio of Italy

Those of you who know me, already know that I am a huge fan of analog playback over and above digital. But I have to say, this ZeroUno DAC  has really altered my thoughts about digital. With this DAC, just as with analog, I find myself pulled into the emotion of the music like I have never heard before from any digital at any price!

This DAC is very special indeed!

Beautifully built in Italy.

The DAC has a high quality feel to it and is designed in a way it should hold up for many, many years.

Positive Feedback Review: " The ZEROUNO is a rarely-seen symbiosis of thoughtful circuit design in all aspects, using extremely high-quality components, while showing a perfect finish too. The sound quality as well as the ability of this DAC to play music is remarkable. An impressive debut! The ZeroUno is an exceptional product in all respects. A listening test is strongly recommended and then:  simply enjoy!"

The manufacturer has a very detailed information page here:

Ask me about borrowing a loaner unit to try in your system!


  • Manufacturer: CanEVER Audio

CanEver Audio ZeroUno DAC

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