Clearaudio Maestro V2 Phono Cartridge
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What can I say! The Maestro V2 moving magnet cartridge takes the wonderful sound or Clearaudio to its highest possible performance. Clearaudio fans: Trade in your worn out cartridges and receive a special deal on this one. Contact me for details.

The Clearaudio Maestro V2 is the top of the line cartridge in Clearaudio's range of Moving Magnet cartridges with a solid body of Satiné wood for a slightly warmer sound.

"This is the best sounding MM cartridge we have heard! Takes the Virtuoso Wood to new heights!" - Bob Bantz, President Elusive Disc

Again and again clearaudio set new standards in the phono cartridge parameters of impedance, inductance, load capacitance and sensitivity through tireless research and continuous measurement in our own laboratory.

clearaudio manufacturing precision is exhibited in the continuous measurement and analysis of the built-in magnets to produce perfect balance of the stereo channels. Minimal distortion values, flat frequency response and high output voltage provide a vivid and tactile musicality.


The new clearaudio 'V2' MM-cartridge-series benefit from the following improvements:

1.) Resonance-optimized ebony housing
2.) Use of more powerful magnets producing greater dynamic range
3.) Higher output voltage


  • Manufacturer: Clearaudio

Clearaudio Maestro V2 Phono Cartridge

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