Croft Phono Tube Integrated Amplifier
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Croft Phono Integrated Amplifier

In the same tradition as LFD amplifiers, the Croft products are made by hand, and what's more, each one is built by the designer himself! I really like the sound of this amp. It is very involving, it does have the slightest coloration of sweetness, but musically, it works for me!  Nice that the price is only $1895. Not much you can get at $1895 that plays music like the Croft.

Oh yeah, and it comes with a moving magnet phono stage built in!

"The Croft was, in many ways, the most impressive affordable amp I've heard in years: Not the best, per se, but the one that did the most to win me over, with its excellent build quality, its musically incisive and involving performance, and its stunning level of value. If I were a designer or a builder, this is how I would do the thing. If I were buying in this price range, this is the one I'd choose. Strongly recommended."Art Dudley, Stereophile Magazine

Features point-to-point wiring with no circuit boards for that pure vintage tone achieved with maximum resolution. This hybrid design incorporates a pair of 12AX7 tubes for the MM phono section (1.7mV sensitivity) and a single 12AX7 driver for the MOSFET outputs (40W/channel).

  • Manufacturer: Croft Acoustics

Croft Phono Tube Integrated Amplifier

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