Dali Zensor 5 Floor Standing Speakers
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Dali Zensor 5 Speakers

"These are really great speakers for the money. I use a set of these in one of the rooms in my home and I am always amazed at so much speaker for the price!"--Gene


Price is per pair!


Twin bass cones
With drive unit technology usually found in more expensive speakers, the Dali Zensor 5 floorstanders are hard to beat. The twin bass cones feature Dali's wood fibre construction b a lightweight yet rigid material that helps give the Zensor 5 speakers a powerful, dynamic sound that's also refined and detailed. With twin woofers you can also expect a pretty deep bass response and an expansive sound stage.

High performing treble unit
Partnering the impressive bass units is a similarly high performing treble unit. Soft dome construction gives upper notes a smooth yet precise sound, and when taken as a whole, the Zensor Five is one of the most realistic sounding floorstanders at its price point. It's also punchy and deep, when required, too!

Quality build
As you'd expect from this high quality Danish brand, the Zensor 5's are also exceptionally well made. The solid cabinet has an attractive glossy front baffle, with recessed drive units for a smooth style. Contrasting with the gloss black cabinet are the aluminium supports, which gives the design a stylish edge.

Perfect for full range stereo and also ideal as the front speakers in a home cinema system, the Dali Zensor 5s are amongst the best in their class.


Dimensions WxDxH 162 x 253 x 825
Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 162 x 825 x 253mm
Freq Response (Hz) 43 - 26,500
Impedance (ohms) 6
Power Rating (Watts) 150
Sensitivity (dB) 88
Speaker Enclosure Type Bass reflex - front port
Weight (KG) 10.3


  • Manufacturer: Dali

Dali Zensor 5 Floor Standing Speakers

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