Dynavector P75 MkIII Phono Stage
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Internally adjustable with jumpers, the P75 Mk3 can bring new life to most any MM or MC cartridge. The sound is just what you would expect from Dynavector: fast, detailed and dynamic. Dynavector's long-standing tradition of innovation in building some of the world's most-respected phono cartridges is well known. Much less known are the products made by their partners at Dynavector New Zealand. For ten years, DV New Zealand has been producing equally innovative preamps and amps for a small, but fanatical group of music lovers.

Improvements include:
  • Multi-layer printed circuit board for even lower noise
  • New output amplifier for lower noise and more drive current
  • More headroom from internal power supply
  • More loading adjustments, including user fitted R & C
  • More gain adjustments
  • Adjustable MM gain
  • Supports 1mV MM/MC cartridges
  • Power supply polarity switched to center positive
  • Manufacturer: Dynavector

Dynavector P75 MkIII Phono Stage

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