Funk Firm Little Super Deck LP Turntable lsd
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The Funk Firm

Little Superdeck LP Turntable

Built in the UK by the same folks that brought you the marvelous Pink Triangle turntables.

Sliding tracking force weight in the arm tube also adjusts for the required arm mass for heavier tracking cartridges.

This table is available in black, white and lovely walnut all at the same price.

The dust cover is not pictured but it is included.

No cartridge is included. Contact me for specific cartridge recommendations from Clearaudio, Rega, Dynavector or Ortofon. You get a very special price on your cartridge choice with turntable purchase. I can preset the phono cartridge for you for ease of assembly and set-up.
  • Manufacturer: Funk Firm

Funk Firm Little Super Deck LP Turntable lsd

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