Hana EL or EH MC Phono Cartridges
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These Hana cartridges are really fantastic performers for such a low price. There are no other MC's in this price range that are sweet sounding like these Hana's are. Most any MC in this price range is going to be shrill sounding. But the Hana are very natural with a sweet top end.

Please choose from high output EH, or low ouput EL when ordering. The EL is for phono stages that can handle low output MC cartridges. The EH is for phono stages that are for moving magnet(MM) cartridges. If your phono stages works with both MC and MM, for best sound you should choose the low output EL version.

Output Voltage:
   EH: 2mV
   EL: 0.5mV
Stylus shape: Elliptical
Internal ohms:
   EH: 130Ω/1kHz
   EL: 30Ω/1kHz
Suggested Loading:
   EH: 47kΩ
   EL: >400Ω
Weight: 5.0g
Tracking: 2.0g
Warranty: 2 years

  • Manufacturer: Hana

Hana EL or EH MC Phono Cartridges

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