Heed Quasar Phono Stage
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I have found this to be a really great phono stage. In particular, if you live in an area of RF interference, this is one of the best phono stages you can get. 

The Quasar, with its discrete conception and wide range of features, represents a unique bargain at this price level. The Quasar is built in dual-mono configuration from the power supply upwards. There are two separate amplifier stages for MM and MC cartridges, both being fed from their own regulated power supply arrangement. Optimum adjustments to the cartridge in use can be applied for sensitivity and load by various settings of the jumpers on the PCB.

MM input: 5 mV /47 kOhm / 100 pF
MC input: adjustable
Sensitivity: 100 µV - 200 µV - 600 µV
Impedance: 100 Ohm / 220 Ohm / 470 Ohm
Output voltage: "Low Out": 220 mV/100 Ohm
Output voltage: "High Out": 775 mV (0 dBm)/ 22 Ohm

  • Manufacturer: Heed

Heed Quasar Phono Stage

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