JA Michell Gyrodec SE (does not include arm)
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Gyro SE - Spider Edition
Take the classic Michell GyroDec. Eliminate from it the large amounts of luxurious perspex, which do not directly contribute to sound quality. Pass on 60% of these savings to the customer. Use the remainder for implementing a few strategic improvements to the rudimentary turntable that remains. And see, there's the Michell Gyro SE: a smaller and cheaper package that still offers all of the GyroDec's classy sound, even bettering older GyroDecs up to MkIII versions (when used with the optional clamp). A Gyro SE can always be upgraded to a GyroDec by purchasing a plinth and dustcover.

Does not include arm nor armboard.

  • Manufacturer: JA Michell

JA Michell Gyrodec SE (does not include arm)

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