KAB LP Turntable Strobe
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KAB Strobe and Disc

Over the years I have used my KAB strobe with pretty much every line of turntable I have ever carried: Linn, Roksan, JA Michell, Palmer, Rega, Music Hall, AR, Ariston, CJ Walker, VPI, Clearaudio, Pink Triangle, Thorens, Connoisseur,  Goldring, Revolver, KM Labs...whew, I sure have carried a lot of turntables over the years!

    The KAB SpeedStrobe was designed to replace and improve upon older strobe designs that relied on power line frequency. We also wanted something that was easier to use and included the ability to actually measure small amounts of error. Not just a go - no - go - test.

    The KAB SpeedStrobe features a quartz locked illuminator with 99.99% accuracy. And since it is battery operated, it works everywhere. No need for 50 or 60 Hz versions. The Disc is silk screen printed on durable 20 mil PVC.

    Instead of hypnotic bars, the KAB SpeedStrobe features the actual speed numbers. In use, the desired speed is read directly from the disc. no searching for the right band. Covers 16.66, 33.33, 45, 70.59 - 90 RPM. By timing the drift of the display over one minute, accuracy can be measured to 0.03%

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"Holy burning Bush!" I thought - the difference was profound. The small change in pitch was dramatic in its effect on the music.
The KAB Speed Strobe is intelligently designed, made with quality, so easy to use even I could figure it out, and sells for $100 which I think is a very fair price. Am I going to buy one? You bet!!

“It’s just fantastic,” iffused J.S. “It looks cool, and it’s a snap to perfectly set the speed.” Stereophile Recommended Component April 2003

The Speedstrobe is a flexible and durable 15 mil PVC plastic strobe disc. The Strobe Light is a small, rectangular, hand-held Quartz crystal strobe light, 16 times more accurate than line frequency. It’s a snap to check the speed of 33s, 45s, and 78s.

“You can check the speed of an old crank-up Victrola 78 RPM record player in a barn in the middle of no where without electricity in seconds with this easy-to-use gizmo. Great for garage sales and second-hand thrift stores. Audiophiles & technicians love it.”

Playing your records at the right speed ? The KAB stobe disc is the perfect tool for checking and calibrating !

Kit includes - speed disc for 33 , 45 , 78 , section for 50hz or 60hz and One strobe illuminator .

Digital Disc and Light. Checks speeds 16-33-45 & 70-90 RPM. 0.01% Accuracy.

Just aim the Quartz lock strobe light and the actual speed number jumps right off the digital disc! No hypnotic bars, no fluorescent lomps, no gresswork.

The KAB SpeedStrobe can measure accuracy to better than 0.03% giving fixed-speed turntable owners peace of mind too. Features all standard speeds including variations on 78 through 90 RPM

No need for 50 and 60 Hz versions. The SpeedStrobe is battery operated and works anywere in the world. Why, you can even check the speed of an old wind up phonograph out in the middle of nowhere!

Stereophile Recommended Component Class A October 1996 Page 141 (Vol.19 No.2)
Easy-to-use strobe disc simplifies precision adjustment of turntable speed from 33 1/2 to all the variations on a 78. “It’s just fantastic,” iffused J.S. “It looks cool, and it’s a snap to perfectly set the speed.”

KAB SpeedStrobe Disc Specifications:
Speed: 16, 33, 45, 70-90 rpm
Accuracy: 99.99% Display Frozen
Disc Size: 10", 15 Mil Thick PVC
Light: 3000 Mcd Red Illumination
Frequency: 60Hz Crystal Controlled
Battery: 9 Volt Included


  • Manufacturer: KAB

KAB LP Turntable Strobe

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