LFD AC Mains Cable
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Made in the UK

1.25 Meter Length  (4 feet)

LFD Audio AC Mains Cable

Like everything made by Richard Bews of LFD Audio, this AC cord is "mind blowing" for what an improvement it brings. Not only to LFD amplifiers, but to every amp I have tried it on!  It makes a difference on digital sources as well.

If you are using a Cablepro AC strip, or any AC strip, use the LFD mains cord to go from the wall to the power strip. And then use a second one to go from the power strip to your LFD ( or other amplifier). Alternatively, you can plug your amp directly into the wall with one of these LFD mains cables and leave the rest of your components as they are, plugged into your Cablepro or current AC strip.


If you do not love this cable, please return it for full refund!


  • Manufacturer: LFD

LFD AC Mains Cable

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