LFD LE Phono Stage
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Just like everything from LFD, this product is killer!

One of the best at any price!

And just like all LFD products, this unit is in very high demand.

The LE Phono Stage will work well with most all low output and high output moving coils as well as moving magnet cartridges.

At a $500 option is the LE/SE Phono  Stage with larger power supply and ugraded internal wiring.


"In my shop I sell phono stages up to $11,000, what do I use for myself? I use the LFD LE!"--Gene Rubin


Art Dudley of Stereophile Magazine:

 "And I dare say that to most audio perfectionists these days, a $1195 phono preamp is an affordable phono preamp. With that in mind, the  LFD Phonostage LE is indeed the best I've heard of that breed."



  • Manufacturer: LFD

LFD LE Phono Stage

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