LFD LE V + Integrated Amplifier
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LFD LE V+  Integrated Amplifier

This latest + (plus) version of the LFD LEV+ + now incorporates new electrolytic caps in the power supply and and larger mosfet transistors for a few more watts and greater stability at lower impedances. Thsi is unique to the LFD amps I sell as I ordered this version special and I paid extra for it so that your amp could be just a bit more special!

With larger, stiffer chassis and other circuit upgrades this LE V is markedly better than the LE IV.

The major internal changes (LE(IV) to LE(V)) are:
 New custom electrolytic capacitors in the PSU to reduce grain in the sound.
Use of custom made carbon film to resistors (gain defining resistor and load resistor) to give more midrange warmth
Slight alteration to output wiring to give more bass weight


In particular, the bass' depth and definition is startling.  In this regard it it is more like the LFD NCSE MkII. In fact, it is closer to the NCSE MkII, than it is to the LE IV!

That makes it quite the bargain.

Perfectionists will still want the NCSE. MkII, in a comparison nothing touches the NCSE MkII.

I take trade-ins on your LE IV, LE III or anything else for that matter. Tubes or solid state, I have had a huge variety of amps traded in on LFD amps.

  • Manufacturer: LFD

LFD LE V + Integrated Amplifier

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