LFD NCSE MkII+ Integrated Amplifier
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 LFD NCSE Mk II+  Integrated Amplifier

This latest + (plus) version of the LFD LEV+ + now incorporates new electrolytic caps in the power supply and and larger mosfet transistors for a few more watts and greater stability at lower impedances. Thsi is unique to the LFD amps I sell as I ordered this version special and I paid extra for it so that your amp could be just a bit more special!

Many of you are certainly familiar with the LFD Zero LE III amplifier that has been so ravely reviewed. The Zero LE III has been the most popular amp that I have ever sold in my 30 years of business. In 2008 alone, I sold over 50 units to very happy customers!

The LFD NCSE takes the basic circuit design of the Zero LE III but upgrades the parts to the very best that money can buy. The chassis itself is highly upgraded resulting in reduction of microphonics. All rear inputs and outputs are carefully selected for the best sound quality.

These amplifiers are built by hand, by LFD designer, Richard Bews. These amplifiers are not assembled by any other employee than Richard.

Perfectly hand made in England

"Considering how incredible the LFD Zero LE IV is, it is hard to believe that anything could be better. I must say LFD NCSE is substantially better in sound quality, absolutely amazing!"--Gene Rubin, Gene Rubin Audio

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"Gene,  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the LFD.  I've never heard a piece of electronics have such a profound effect on sound before.  Transducers, yes, a very upscale power cord and interconnect, yes, but never an amp.  The most astonishing thing is that it actually makes cds listenable.  They no longer sound devoid of some part of the sound, no longer so clinical but alive, organic, harmonic, musical.  Its quite astonishing.  Thanks so much for recommending this amp, I really love what it does to and/or for the music".--David M.
  • Manufacturer: LFD

LFD NCSE MkII+ Integrated Amplifier

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