LFD Spirolink .7 meter Interconnect Cable
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"Highly Recommended!"--Gene Rubin

LFD Spirolink IV .7 meter RCA Interconnect

These are really special! I spend a lot of time auditioning interconnects. Some of them very expensive. Richard Bews, a brilliant designer, has created in these Spirolinks, the very best reasonably priced interconnects that I have ever auditioned.
The signal conductor of this coaxial cable is a multistrand 99.9997% pure OF copper with a solid polyethylene dielectric insulator, renowned for its transparency and neutral sonic signature. The screened braid is the return conductor and is composed of the same 99.9997% pure OFC as the signal conductor. The cable construction and use of the custom made gold plated RCA plugs (with polymide insulator) is an integral part of the cable, since the sonic signature of the plug compliments the cable for a superb sounding cable at a realistic price.

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  • Manufacturer: LFD

LFD Spirolink .7 meter Interconnect Cable

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