Quadraspire Turntable Wall Shelf
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Quadraspire of England Q4 Wall Shelf

Ultra high build and finish quality wall shelf system from Quadraspire will improve the sound of any turntable. No more skipping, better isolation from feedback!

Originally designed to work with the Linn LP12, this shelf fits the Rega, JA Michell, Project, SME, Music Hall and Roksan turntables as well.  Basically, it works well with any turntable that fits within the dimensions of its shelf. Those dimensions are 15.5 inches deep by 23 inches wide.

The metal framework of the Quadraspire Wall Shelf is available in the silver finish (shown) or in black finish.

The beautiful, real, wood shelves come in several wood choices of Cherry, Maple (shown), Black, or Rosenut.

  • Manufacturer: Quadraspire

Quadraspire Turntable Wall Shelf

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