Rega Turntable Ultimate Upgrade Package
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Ultimate Rega Factory Upgrade Kit

A combo kit for when you want to "do it all"

115 volt, 60 Hz version

The 24 volt motor upgrade kit with TTPSU power supply and Reference Belt  is designed to fit the following turntables; Rega RP1, Rega P1, Rega P2, Rega P2 2000, Rega Planet, Rega Planar 2, Rega Planar 3, Rega P3 2000 and Rega Planar 25. (Model shown in picture is the UK version, you will receive USA version with slightly different transformer).

24V Motor Upgrade: The new Rega 24v Motor Upgrade Kit consists of a low noise, low vibration 24v motor designed and developed to compliment the Rega 24 volt turntables. Designed with a simple fixing solution to fit all previous Rega turntables that do not already use 24 volt technology. The main Features include the following; Individually hand tuned PCB to minimize vibration. Rega designed 24 volt low vibration, low noise synchronous AC motor assembly. Rigidly mounted to improve start up speed over previous suspended Planar models. Guaranteed to improve drive, speed stability and sonic performance.

TTPSU Power Supply: If you haven't heard your 'table with the PSU, you haven't heard what it's capable of! More than just a power supply, the PSU also allows you to switch between 33RPM and 45RPM with the push of a button! No more awkward and dangerous platter/belt maneuvers.

Based on the same circuitry that powers the Rega P9, the PSU is not a tweaky upgrade, it's a supercharger for your turntable! Designed to keep noise to a minimum and speed stability at a maximum, the PSU delivers 24V of ultra pure, low distortion power to your turntable and makes the turntable essentially immune to voltage fluctuations and most line noise.

Clean power has other benefits, however. Clean power means improved pitch stability, tighter and deeper bass, greater soundstage size and much more natural tonality.

Reference Belt: The Rega Reference Drive Belt is a smoother, stronger version of their standard drive belt. Made from a new, ultra-pure, dye-free rubber; this belt will produce better base and more a dimensional sound. Rega claims this is the most accurate drive belt they have ever produced. I have sold many of these belts on their own. The audible improvement is remarkable!


  • Manufacturer: Rega

Rega Turntable Ultimate Upgrade Package

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