Spendor Classic 2/3
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"It's often difficult to pick out an overall winner from a group of similar size and price loudspeakers, but on this occasion there was no disagreement amongst the listening panel that the Spendor SP2/3R2 was the pick of the bunch."
 - HiFi Choice, Group Test Winner, March 2011
The traditional Spendor ‘Classic’ cabinet engineering, thin walls with heavy damping, has been enhanced by the use of modern rubberized damping panels. The damping interface between the cabinet wall and the damping material is significantly improved due to more consistent temperature stability, spurious energy is dissipated more efficiently, the result is improved sound.

Finally the R2 speakers have new acoustically engineered grill covers to dramatically reduce acoustic interaction and redesigned free-flow reflex ports for improved bass response.

The Classic R2 speakers present an easy to drive 8ohm load and are compatible with all types of amplifiers from powerful solid state to the most esoteric tube designs.
"The new R2 revision models deliver clearly audible improvements in resolution, stereo imaging, low frequency extension and articulation and improved dynamic range while carefully preserving the natural charm of the original Classic." 


Available in cherry or dark walnut

  • Manufacturer: Spendor

Spendor Classic 2/3

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