Spendor Classic 3/5
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All speaker prices are per pair (you get two at this price).

Spendor S3/5R2 Loudspeakers

The S3/5R2s are lovable, talented speakers that can provide hours of musical enjoyment. Small enough to be placed on book shelves or perfectly happy working on speaker stands, the S3/5R2 speakers are a truly versatile design.

The Spendor S3/5R2 speakers are a fast, clean and articulate sounding which results in a presentation that can be enjoyed for hours on end.  Spendor manufacturer all their own mid/bass speaker drive units for all of their loudspeaker models.  By having this level of control and input in the design of the speaker,  Spendor can ensure that the balance between the drive units, crossover and cabinet are complimentary and work in total harmony.

So here we have a strikingly natural monitor that’s forgiving of placement, can be purchased in a range of finishes and is small enough to be well integrated into your room.

Features include;

* Ceiled enclosure enabling a range of placement option

* Optional factory fitted wall mount brackets (additional £75.00)

* Bespoke drive unit design with in house drive unit manufacturing

* Modest cabinet proportions

* Seductive sound

Cabinet (HxWxD) 305 x 165 x 190mm

Finishes are cherry or dark walnut

  • Manufacturer: Spendor

Spendor Classic 3/5

Price: $1,749.00
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