Steinmusic Harmonizers, full set
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Steinmusic H2 Harmonizers and Black Stones

Full set of 4 Harmonizers, 4 Magic Stones a $4,900 value

These are a serious room acoustics treatment.

You love them or 100% of your money back.

Visitors to the June, 2011 show were laying on the compliments all day long; "Your room is so relaxing", "It's like a breath of fresh air in your room", "I know this isn't a very expensive system but I give you best sound of the show!".

............Newport Beach Audio Show, June, 2011:
The first time I heard the Steinmusic Harmonizers was when I was demonstrating at the Newport Beach Audio Show, June, 2011. Damn if that wasn't one of the best sounding room I had ever demonstrated to the public. I was showing off the new Palmer LP turntable, the LFD NCSE amplifier and Harbeth Compact 7 es3 speakers. There I was, convinced it was simply my superior selection and set up of just the right gear.

1st day:
The distributor, Walter Swanbon, asked if he could set them up in my demonstration room. I'm like, "sure we can give them a try" (eyes rolling).

Walter--"Gene, let's take the Harmonizers in and out of the room, I want to show you the difference they make"
Gene--"Um, er, later Walter, I'm too busy, too many people coming in the room"(eyes rolling).

3 days later:
Walter--"Come on Gene, this is the end of the last day of the show, you've got to hear what happens to the room when we take the Harmonizers out, I'm doing it now!"
Gene--"Holy !#?!, these things really work, what a difference, bring those back in here!  Hey Walter, I'm doing the show again in June 2012, please, you gotta' let me use these again, I'm going to take them in and out of the room all day long so everyone can hear them!"

It wasn't just Walter and me in the room, we had several consumers and some audio professionals as well. It was a jaw dropping experience and all agreed!


From the Enjoy The Music Review:
"The audible evidence that the Steinmusic Harmonizer system is a superior room conditioning product is inarguable, and the ability to achieve a glorious-sounding listening room without the need for those big ugly traps and diffusers cinches the deal!"
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From the Stereo Times Magazine:
"In a word, ASTONISHING! I've a single H2B and two H2As (set at an Intensity level of 11 o'clock as recommended) and ten Magic Stones. And it took me all of 30 seconds to detect something unusually sweet about the top end. And there's a much more obvious sense of bloom around instruments as well".


You love them or 100% of your money back.

  • Manufacturer: Steinmusic

Steinmusic Harmonizers, full set

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