Stirling Broadcast AB-2 Bass Extender for LS3/5a Speakers
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Made in the UK
Introducing the new Stirling Broadcast AB-2 Bass Extender, for all LS3/5a versions including the V2.
You get a pair at this price

The AB-2 offers the following benefits over the old Rogers AB-1 bass extender:

It has been designed for a broader, less peaky frequency response. Whereas the AB-1 produced a "one-note thud" centered at 70Hz, with the AB-2 you can hear progression through the bass register.

The AB-2 cabinet is taller by 48mm. We made it taller so that the inner chambers and longer port would be optimized for our high quality SB-4424 drive unit.

The AB-2 uses the latest rubberized damping pads (as used in our V2), these are far better that the brittle bituminous material used in the old AB1.

We use a larger, more stable plinth, fitted with heavy duty threaded inserts and high grade spikes. The AB-2 is fitted with high quality gold plated upper & lower connectors (Rogers AB-1 used nickel plated connectors).

The AB-2 is supplied with a far better link lead system (to link the AB-2's to V2's or classic LS3/5a's), featuring gold plated connectors and large contact area.

Our AB-2 is balanced to work at it's best with Stirling V2, but it also produces great results when used with any classic LS3/5a's from 1974 - 1997.

The AB-2 is sold with a 5 year warranty on the drive units and crossovers.

Cherry $2395
Ebony, rosewood or ash, add $200
  • Manufacturer: Stirling

Stirling Broadcast AB-2 Bass Extender for LS3/5a Speakers

Price: $2,395.00
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