Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V2 Speakers
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Made in the UK, now available in the USA
All speaker prices are per pair (you get two at this price).
Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a Speakers


"Wow, so great to have these amazing "BBC monitor style" speakers once again available in the USA."--Gene Rubin

Introducing the Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/5a V2, designed by Stirling Broadcast to meet the exacting requirements of the BBC LS3/5a specification. This version utilizes the new Stirling SB4424 and SB4428 drivers with a very hi-grade ‘SuperSpec’ crossover, all housed in thin-walled ‘Reference’ cabinets that are modeled after the famous 001/002 pair featured in Hi-Fi News. The legendary sonic character of the original LS3/5a has been retained, with the new model having the added benefit of a 5 year warranty and the assurance of the future availability of spare parts.

The designer, a luminary in the audio industry, has utilized specially prepared SEAS and ScanSpeak drive units with high grade crossovers that accurately mimic the response characteristics of the original versions. Indeed, feedback from professional and domestic customers so far has indicated that Stirling Broadcast has successfully managed to capture the best aspects of both versions of the LS3/5a, combining the faster and more modern sound of the 11 ohm version with the seductive vocal abilities of the 15 ohm version, and adding an improved and extended bass response and greater power handling for good measure.

This 'V2' version retained the LS3/5a License from the British Broadcasting Corporation and is suitable as a drop in replacement for any working pair of LS3/5as. Several professional broadcast establishments have already deployed pairs of LS3/5a V2's into production environments.

Cherry $2395, add $200 for ebony, rosewood or ash.

OPtional bass extender AB-2 $1990

  • Manufacturer: Stirling

Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V2 Speakers

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