Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 Speakers
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Introducing the new Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/6 Reference Loudspeaker

This new loudspeaker is a 3-way loudspeaker designed for Stirling Broadcast by Derek Hughes (of Spendor fame) to be as close to the original BBC LS3/6 specification as was possible with modern components, and built under licence from the BBC. The BBC LS3/6 license was only obtained after submission to the BBC for rigorous examination to ensure adherence to the original specification.

The original BBC LS3/6 Loudspeaker was designed as a monitoring loudspeaker for outside broadcast use, as with the smaller LS3/5a speaker. 

The Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 takes advantage of the greater consistency and linearity of modern drive units compared to when the LS3/6 was originally designed. A very high quality crossover is used to mesh custom made drive units, including a super-tweeter, into thin-wall, birch plywood (9mm ply) cabinets with double thickness rubber damping pads and screw-on, removable front and rear panels, as per the BBC "lossy" cabinet design ideal, as also seen in the Stirling version of the LS3/5a.

Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/6 Description:

The LS3/6 is a 3 way reflex full range, freestanding assembly, designed to meet the needs of high quality studio monitoring at moderate sound levels. The speaker contains 3 drive units, custom built specifically for this loudspeaker and mounted in a 45litre reflex loaded cabinet, together with a crossover/equaliser unit to match the units and to give the overall level frequency response needed for critical listening.

The loudspeaker utilises a 22cm LF drive unit SB-4432, 27mm HF unit SB-4434 and 19mm SHF unit SB-4436, and the nominal impedance is 8ohms. The connections are by bi-wired screw terminals accepting both 4mm plugs and bare wires up to 4mm cross sectional area.

Power Handling: 90w continuous,150w short term, IEC268 
Max Sound Level: 107dB, pair @2m 
Input Impedance: 8ohm nominal 
Input connections: Bi-wire, 4mm terminals 
Frequency Response: 45Hz to 17kHz +/-3dB(On HF axis @1m) 
Sensitivity: 87dB/1watt/1m 
Cabinet Dimensions: 30cm (12") wide x 30cm (12") deep x 63cm (24") high 
LF Drive Unit: SB-4432 
HF Drive Unit: SB-4434 
SHF Drive Unit: SB-4436 
Crossover frequencies: 3kHz, 13kHz 
Weight: 18.5kg 


  • Manufacturer: Stirling

Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 Speakers

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