Stirling Broadcast SB-88 Speakers
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All speaker prices are per pair (you get two at this price).

The NEW Stirling Broadcast SB-88 Domestic Monitor Loudspeaker!

Similar to the LS3/6 BUT this new model has a slightly smaller cabinet (4.7" shorter and 1.2" narrower).  The SB-88 has no "super-tweeter" but otherwise, it is the same as LS3/6 - and the sound is very special.

What this classic 8" 2-way design gives up in transparency, it more than makes up for with character and body. Destined to put Stirling Broadcast on the map as a top builder for the designs of Mr. Derek Hughes.

A recommended best buy!

"Wow! Classical Music with all the rich tone of a concert hall. This is truly the BBC Sound, it is as if you could now finally buy a brand new set of BC-1s,

only better!"--Gene Rubin 

Cherry $3895. Add $500 for ebony, rosewood SB-88 Specification:

Type:  Two way stand-mounted loudspeaker, classic thin-wall (9mm) birch plywood construction, internally damped panels.
Connections:  High quality gold plated bi-wire terminals.
Driver complement:  Stirling spec 7.9" (200mm) bass/mid driver, 1" (26mm) tweeter
Crossover frequency:  3 kHz.
Power handling:  90 watts continuous, 150 watts short term
Maximum SPL:  107dB/pair/2m
Sensitivity:  87dB
Frequency response:  48Hz–18 kHz +/-3dB
Impedance:  8 ohms nominal
Dimensions (W x H x D):  10.63" (270mm) x 19.7" (500mm) x 11.8" (300mm)
Weight each: 31.75 lbs (14.4 kilos), shipping weight is 48.5 lbs(22 kilos)

  • Manufacturer: Stirling

Stirling Broadcast SB-88 Speakers

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