Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cable
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Tellurium Black Q II


3 meter is $498, 5 meter is $698. Price is per pair with banana plug termination.


“Our own tests can be deceptively demanding for cables, long runs with as little as three and a half watts into loudspeakers of 93dB sensitivity or even higher. Doesn’t sound much, but you’d be surprised by how many cables insist on telling us just who they are in these situations - so we don’t want to know!

The Tellurium Black is as anonymous as we could want, signals appear to breeze through it with no suspicion of resistance or evidence of artificial enhancement, music just happens. Our loudspeakers come alive, completely detached from a soundscape far greater than where their physical presence would otherwise dominate.

  Without overstating the case, there are other cables that reward with similar musical riches and we stock one in particular. That said, it costs seven times the price of the Tellurium Q Black! What’s important to us is a cable that doesn’t compromise the values inherent in valve based, high sensitivity systems. In such circumstances the Tellurium Q Black comes very highly recommended.”

  • Manufacturer: Tellurium

Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cable

Price: $498.00
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