The Q-Up LP Turntable Tonearm Lift at end of LP
 Raises the arm on your manual turntable at end of record

 Hello  vinyl lovers. The Q UP is a high precision device that safely lifts your tonearm at the end of the record. The Q UP can be installed in minutes, without tools, and is designed to fit on most manual turntables. Based upon a trigger and lift design, now reborn and modernized to work with either classic or contemporary turntable / tonearm combinations The Q UP can be configured for a variety of tonearm heights, thicknesses and shapes. The Q UP only interacts with the tonearm at the end of record and does NOT adversely effect the tonal quality of your system in any way. No need to worry about falling asleep with your record playing or forgetting it is playing if you get distracted.

The Q UP fits most every turntable on the market. It is easily adjustable. I have personally mounted them on Rega, VPI, Linn, Music Hall, Pro-ject, Clearaudio and more. These were formerly made by Thorens. This is a much more reliable device that the Audio Technica Safe-T-Raiser.

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Established way back in 1979!

The base unit has an adhesive strip on the bottom which holds the lifter in place. The base unit is separate from the lifter and allows it to move horizontally for fine tuning the trigger position and also vertically for different tone arm heights.


Lift force sensitivity is a slider that allows you to adjust how much force will be needed to lift your specific tonearm off the record. The higher the slider the gentler the lift.  
The trigger sensitivity adjustor moves the trigger allowing you to select the correct position for firing the lifter. Please note that when this adjustor is all the way up The Q UP will not work. ALL THE WAY UP IS THE OFF POSITION.  
The trigger is the part of The Q up which ultimately comes into contact with the tonearm when the record has reached the end of play.  
The tonearm lifter elevates the tonearm when the trigger is fired.  

Installation is not difficult and requires no tools. It is helpful to have a pencil to roughly mark the placement and you might choose to also use some transparent household tape to lock the lifter in place when finished. Please clean the surface where the Q up will be positioned. REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR STYLUS GUARD ON.
Slide the "Trigger sensitivity adjustor" all the way down and the" Lift force sensitivity adjustor" all the way to the top. Press down the "Tonearm lifter" on The Q UP so it is ready to fire. With the adhesive cover still on, place The Q UP on the turntable in roughly the position you want it to ultimately stay. With the stylus guard on check that it is approximately at a right angle to the tonearm when the tonearm is at the end of the record then move the tonearm out of the way. You may now want to mark the BASE UNIT position on the turntable with a pencil. Lift up THE Q UP and remove the adhesive cover and lightly adhere it to the desired position.  
With the stylus guard on and a record on the platter, position the tonearm so that the stylus is over the beginning of the lead out groove. Also adjust the vertical height of The Q UP so that the TONEARM LIFTER it is not touching the tonearm with spacing of about 1.5 mm or 1/16 inch.  
Adjust the horizontal positioning of The Q UP so that the trigger is just touching the tonearm.  

You can now carefully take the stylus guard off and place the stylus gently onto the middle of the record to again check the spacing between the bottom of the tonearm and the foam on the lifter. Normally it should be about 1.5 mm or 1/16th of an inch. you can now try playing the end of a record to see if it is activating correctly. If it is not lifting at the correct point you may need to further adjust The Q UP to find your sweet spot by sliding it horizontally and/or adjust the trigger sensitivity.

Also adjust the "Lift force sensitivity"to the weakest setting but still capable of lifting your tonearm. If it is working correctly you can now press the base unit more firmly into place so that the adhesive will bond well.

Test The Q UP with a few different records just to make sure it is working well for you. Once satisfied you can secure the position with a bit of transparent tape... if you like.  

There are very good turntables produced by companies like REGA and PRO-JECT that do not have enough clearance under the tonearm for installation with the base unit. The simplest solution is to use double faced tape on the bottom of the lifter itself.



Please read the above instructions first regarding installation with the base unit as it is very similar.

Position the lifter in approximately the correct position.

Place the stylus at the beguinning of the lead out area so that the tonearm is now just touching the trigger.  
You can mark the position with a pencil, if you would like, then LIGHTLY fix it in place with double face tape.  
Test the set-up to see if it is functioning properly. If it is, press it firmly into place.



The Q-Up LP Turntable Tonearm Lift at end of LP

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